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In the field, public safety professionals wear protective equipment because of the challenging environments in which they serve. No clothing or equipment protects them from the emotional strain of the constant political judgement or the situations they face.  


LPGasYou may be tempted to say, "They asked for that when they took the job."  Remember, these men and women are our neighbors. They are humans with emotions and feelings just like you and me. We as the community have an opportunity to encourage these professionals that protect us in an attempt to keep their spirits "Bullet Proof".

BulletProof is an initiative by the American Institute for Servant Leadership (AISL) as a veIce Rescuehicle for showing gratitude to those who serve all of us. Professionals like members of Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, and EMS Agencies work countless nights, weekends, and holidays sacrificing their own lives and safety to make our communities across America better. AISL partners with local organizations to extend encouragement to those dedicated men and women who often deal with the worst of society's problems and do so with little encouragement or thanks.


Final RespectsEncouragement defined: To give courage to; to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope; to raise, or to increase, the confidence of; to animate; en hearten; to incite; to help forward. 


Encouragement can come by way of sharing a story of service, or by letting a person know that you are behind them, supporting them,or pulling for them.




Sometimes it's just as simple as saying "Thank You."



“Thank you” are two simple words that, when sincere, can be so powerful. A simple thank you encourages others by letting them know what they have done is meaningful and worth while. You are acknowledging that person's contribution and recognizing that they are making a difference.

Everyone performs better when they know they are supported.  We, as a nation, need to do our part by helping each person who serves us lead a "BulletProof" life - simply by showing how much we care.



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The American Institute for Servant Leadership and BulletProof life depend on your support. Become a partner today!